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Hi, I'm Casee, and I'm the face behind Tiny Cat Vocal Tuition. I have been singing for over three decades, largely self trained, and although I've loved every minute of it, I wish I could have had some guidance to help me find my own voice sooner. For a long time, I misunderstood a number of fundamental things about my voice, and developed more slowly than I could have as a result.

A few years ago, a friend asked me to help them learn to sing, which I did alongside my day job at the time. This led to a serious voice-geekery habit, and I now teach full time, working with children and adults 1 to 1 to teach them the most efficient and enjoyable ways to use their voices. Areas I can help with include: resonance, tone, pitch, releasing muscle tension, selecting repertoire, breath management and finding and developing the individual voice. I provide support through Rockschool grade exams and auditions, and help people to develop performance skills.

I also work with members of the transgender community, helping people through the voice changes that accompany the transition process.

If you are looking for dry, serious, classical training, I'm probably not the teacher for you. I specialise in contemporary styles - rock, pop, musical theatre – and I believe laughter and singing should go hand in hand. I am led by my students – they set their own goals and I help them achieve those goals. Whatever your background, whether you sing regularly in a band, or don't feel that you can carry a tune in a bucket, I can help you find your voice.