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1) Do you do a taster session?
Yes - I offer a 45 minute introductory session for £10, which I recommend doing before making a decision about whether singing lessons with me are suitable for you.
2) Are block booked sessions refundable?
I'm afraid not, but once you have block booked, the lessons are yours to use when you wish - they do not expire.
3) Where do lessons take place?
Lessons take place in a private studio within my home, which is equipped with two pianos, microphones and recording equipment.
In keeping with the name "Tiny Cat" - there are three cats (and one dog) on the premises, so please let me know if you have allergies.
4) What should I bring?
Something to drink, and yourself! Ideally you should wear something you are comfortable in and can breathe easily in.
5) What happens if I need to cancel/reschedule a lesson?
Contact me as soon as you know that you need to change the time, in general this is not a problem to accommodate.
6) What about GDPR? What do you do with my data?
Very little! I use your data only to contact you about lesson times and arrangements, or to share exercises that are beneficial to you as a student. I will not share your data with anyone else, and it is kept securely on an encrypted database. If you have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.
7) Great, you've convinced me! How do I contact you to arrange a lesson?
Simply fill in the contact form and I'll get straight back to you. I'll ask you to complete an online Google Form prior to your introductory lesson, and we'll take it from there.